Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 26, 2010

It’s almost 11:30 pm. There are a few important things that I could be doing now, but I’m too tired to do anything, and the only thing that I feel like doing is writing a few words in this ongoing diary experiment.

The exciting news of the day: A 4 night upcoming Las Vegas vacation at the Luxor hotel was booked earlier this morning. Magnificent buffets – here I come!!

On a more spiritual side: last night was a night of vivid and soul opening dreams. I woke up very early and wanted to write them down, but was too sleepy to actually do so. In those moments physical awaking and psychological awakening, I wish there was a way to just think these thoughts and have them written down by the force of the mind, without any need to move or even speak. I’m sure the day will come when you can write on a computer or other devise by thinking. At these moments, even whispering seems to interfere with the gentle state of consciousness, even though I was fully awake at the time of desiring to write my post dreaming thoughts down. Instead, I fell back to sleep…

But I do remember the two dreams: in one, I dreamt that my mother was flying planes in the skies of Tel-Aviv as a young woman. I’m holding above my head a sheet of nylon, trying to understand how she managed to fly holding this piece like a parachute above her head. She then appears and demonstrates how she puts it on, wearing it more like one would wear a safety vest which road workers put on so that they are seen by traffic. While I was actually trying to hold the nylon sheet above my head in order to fly, she is wearing it on. In the second dream, which was connected to the first, I am seated to a long table at an Israeli large meal event, and I’m singing with a microphone a song. I remember clearly its title. It was Crashing on the Moon. I become quite emotional while singing it and my voice cracks. It is a revelation, and everyone is responding with great enthusiasm. I wanted to write down the melody at that time as I was waking up, but as I said, didn’t raise myself out of slumber to do so.

Bobby (Barbara) Altman, my former student who recently passed away and who I mentioned in a previous entry, is definitely connected to the first dream, because she was a pilot. Her greatest passion in life was flying small plans, and she was proudly involved with constructing a historical plan according to its original plans. Her and her teammates took years to complete it, but they did fly it in the end.

Crashing on the Moon is very symbolic. I sense how truthful this metaphor is yet would have to think about it more in order to see if I can understand its possible meanings. I don’t think anyone ever crashed on the moon, or at least I’m not familiar with such event. While you expect a crashing object to fall from the sky onto earth, crashing on the moon is in a way absurd and seems to have a very different meaning. I also remember that in the dream, crashing on the moon related to my mother, and I think that Bobby replaced her at the end. I remember her standing at the entrance to my parent’s house in Tel-Aviv wearing a brown leather pilot jacket with a zipper at the end of my dream.

Many times I realize that dreams have a purpose of warning, not so much in the sense that something bad is bound to happen and they predict it, but more in the sense of raising our awareness level by presenting metaphoric images of scenes that reflect on the dynamics of our lives. Interpreting these metaphors seems to help me understand my life better, and subsequently to steer away from possible icebergs I may be heading towards. That is why I think is very important to stay in tune with oneself and with the development of one’s consciousness.

I had no idea I was going to write about dreams. It’s wonderful how the writing just takes over and leads to wherever it does. Well, good night for now.

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