Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

            Quarter past four in the morning
            And the world has come to a rest
            Outside, there’s a wondrous silence
            And it is balanced with
            The peace within the chambers of the soul
            Only a lonely bird
            Is trying with its chirping to disturb it from afar

            The rain which came down earlier has ceased
            And cool air, unbearably pleasant
            Enters into the room through the slightly opened windows
            Caresses my soul
            I feel fatigue
            Relaxed and relaxing
            Under the sky-blue quilt
            The soles of my feet caress each other

            One can feel closer
            To the eternal-moment
            Listen to its murmur
            Sense its presence
            Time has reposed from its race
            Like a tired horse
            It walks in the paths of the forest
            While around it the trees are breathing
            Under their wet leaves
            And its hoofs are touching above
            Their thick roots
            Which intertwine exposed

                                                June 12, 2013
(From “One-Time” by Eyran Katsenelenbogen; translated from Hebrew)

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