Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

Is the thought 
"Is the thought a deed
Or a thought?” 
A deed 
Or a thought?...

                                May 1996
From One-Time by Eyran Katsenelenbogen


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Not So Well Tempered Clavier - An Improvised Diary

April 29, 2013: I am sharing today a practice recording with Kim, my wonderfully talented young student:

Stella by Starlight (Young) - Practice Recording

April 28, 2013: Originally, I planned to document in The Not So Well Tempered Clavier Improvised Diary only my work related to Bach, but very quickly I found myself using this diary to share practice recording of jazz standards which I end up playing after reading Bach and working on sequences developed from his Preludes and Fugues. Below is a practice recording of Easy to Love (Porter).

Easy to Love (Porter) - Practice Recording

April 21, 2013: It seems that this is becoming a sort of a diary inside a diary, or maybe some kind of a log documenting my work on the Bach project. I thought about including a nine-page transcription of a dream which I had on April 12, but in the end decided it would better fit in the second volume of OneTime, the book i have been working on since 1989. Instead, I am sharing two practice recordings of Tune Up (Davis) which followed my Bach practicing a week and a half ago.

Tune Up (Davis), Take 2 - Practice Recording

Tune Up (Davis), Take 1 - Practice Recording 

April 5, 2013: I'm sharing today two practice recordings from Wednesday's session, one of another improvisation in G# Minor, and another of Autumn Leaves, which is on my "To Record" list:). Btw - you can download any of these tracks by right-clicking on the screen as they play and saving them to your hard-drive.

Autumn Leaves

Improvisation in G# Major

April 3, 2013: I have recently started working on my new Bach project: The Not So Well Tempered Clavier - Improvisations inspired by Bach's Preludes and Fugues in twelve ascending keys. In this diary I will familiarize myself with practice recording takes and share my work process. At the moment, the work involves playing through Bach's Well Tempered Clavier and working on elements which inspire improvisation, such as his wonderful sequences and themes of his Fugue. Below is the first two practice recordings, an improvisations in G# Minor and G# Major.      

Improvisation in G# Minor

Improvisation in G# Major